I am a maths teacher in the Primary School No. 3 in Goleniow.
 I used the educational NUADU platform for giving homework 
for students of IV – VI class. Students very liked this form of
 checking the knowledge, and for me, it was quick and easy 
to make a more attractive way of gaining mathematical skills.
Jan Brzechwa’s Primary School No. 3 in Goleniow
The homework assignment on educational platform NUADU is a good form which complements standard homework assignments on paper. At Complex of Culinary and Hotel Industry Schools in Gdańsk [it is] who give Mathematics homework assignments in the electronic version. The good aspect of NUADU educational platform is the possibility to use it on any mobile device with access to the Internet. (...)
Gastronomy and Hotel School Complex in Gdansk
As a history teacher, I use NUADU since two years. 
At first skeptical, quickly realized that this is an excellent 
way to make your classes more attractive and save me a lot of time as a teacher. NUADU has a very ample content
 so you can use exercises during lessons (e.g., as a 
Summary) and also at home. Personally, I used the second 
An option more often. After discussing the topic, I gave my 
Students homework, which they solved using NUADU. Each student has his account which he can manage (e.g., set a profile photo). After solving exercises chosen by me, students sent me them back immediately checked by the system with a percentage result. A great solution is also that children can solve the quizzes at home. In this case, I also get quick results, and this form of checking their knowledge does not takes valuable 45 minutes of lessons. NUADU is also a great way to repeat a larger parts of material (e.g., whole chapter). Children were much more likely to use this form, and I achieved my goal – my students repeated the processed material at home. Moreover, you can return to individual tasks and discuss repeatedly. Thanks to NUADU, I was able to track the progress of my students systematically. Attractive form, saving the time and many others possibilities are NUADU’s features that can not be resisted. I recommend using the platform for all teachers and their students. NUADU is a great way to introduce another innovation in the new school year.
Joanna Kulmowa’s Primary School in Komarowo
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