Anna Marzec
Joanna Kulmowa’s Primary School in Komarowo
As a history teacher, I use NUADU since two years. 
At first skeptical, quickly realized that this is an excellent 
way to make your classes more attractive and save me a lot of time as a teacher. NUADU has a very ample content
 so you can use exercises during lessons (e.g., as a 
Summary) and also at home. Personally, I used the second 
An option more often. After discussing the topic, I gave my 
Students homework, which they solved using NUADU. Each student has his account which he can manage (e.g., set a profile photo). After solving exercises chosen by me, students sent me them back immediately checked by the system with a percentage result. A great solution is also that children can solve the quizzes at home. In this case, I also get quick results, and this form of checking their knowledge does not takes valuable 45 minutes of lessons. NUADU is also a great way to repeat a larger parts of material (e.g., whole chapter). Children were much more likely to use this form, and I achieved my goal – my students repeated the processed material at home. Moreover, you can return to individual tasks and discuss repeatedly. Thanks to NUADU, I was able to track the progress of my students systematically. Attractive form, saving the time and many others possibilities are NUADU’s features that can not be resisted. I recommend using the platform for all teachers and their students. NUADU is a great way to introduce another innovation in the new school year.