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NUADU is an interactive digital platform designed to provide a personalised learning environment and powerful assessment solution.

The system helps to identify students’ learning gaps, then provides content and tools to bridge these gaps successfully. Students complete assigned exercises and NUADU provides instant feedback to the student, as well as comprehensive data to the teacher on students’ progress.

Discover the benefits of data-driven education with advanced analytics, progress graphs and reports, including features for students, teachers, parents, principals, school administrators and government.

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 About NUADU

At NUADU, we believe that everyone can achieve greatness. We are committed to improving the quality of global education through technology, ensuring objectivity and universal access. 

From the beginning we set out to build the most effective skill and knowledge evaluation tool on the market. The result is a powerful and unique assessment-focused, personalised learning environment. Deeply driven by data, NUADU helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge these gaps successfully. 


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NUADU Australia

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NUADU Asia Pte. Ltd.
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NUADU Europe

NUADU Sp. z o. o. 
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NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.