Introduction to NUADU

At NUADU, we believe that everyone can achieve greatness. We use technology to improve the quality of global education by ensuring objectivity and universal access. 

From the start, our goal has been clear: Build the most effective skill and knowledge evaluation tool on the market. The result is a powerful and unique assessment-focused personalised learning environment. Above all else, NUADU empowers educators to gather data about student learning progress, analyse individual students’ strengths and learning gaps, and adjust to support the learning goals of each learner.

NUADU offers educators access to an extensive database of core-curriculum-aligned questions, homework assignments, tests, and quizzes and gives them access to a powerful set of evaluation tools. With NUADU, educators can adjust the difficulty level, length, and type of exercise to match individual learners’ skills. Students are also empowered. With NUADU, they can complete activities using any digital device, get real-time feedback, and easily monitor their progress on the NUADU dashboard.

The system is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to ensure that educators and students can stay focused on learning. NUADU takes care of the rest, including installation, maintenance, and technical upgrades.



  • We believe that everyone can achieve greatness.
  • We believe that everyone can discover their natural potential.
  • We believe that technology liberates education.
  • Everybody, regardless the age, location or social status deserves to have access to a quality education.



Our mission is to improve education through technology, ensuring objectivity, personalised learning, and global access. We offer effective solutions to support learning and knowledge evaluation



In 2013, Marcin Wojnowski was studying in the Aeronautical Engineering programme at the University of Sydney when he decided to start his own edtech business in Poland. He had faith in his idea and felt that the moment was right. Soon he was joined by a brilliant team of dedicated professionals, and their collective effort led to the development of the NUADU project. Several successful implementations of the platform in Poland attracted the attention of angel investors, which enabled NUADU to expand internationally.


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NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.