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Formative assessment platform Years 1-10 Key Learning Areas

In Australia, NUADU partners with educational supplier, Five Senses Education to offer an innovative digital platform to schools for personalised learning and assessment.
The Five Senses NUADU system helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge these gaps selectively. It is a formative, summarive and normative (digital) assessment platform driven by data.


Automatic Marking & Instant Feedback

Exercises are auto-marked, giving students instant feedback and educators helpful analytics including grade distribution, average mark per question and individual student responses.

Formative Assessment

Learning progress can be measured daily when students practise with bite-size exercises.

Summative Assessment

Track student progress through tests, quizzes and reviews.

Respond to student needs by personalising content

Informed by the data, teachers can respond to student needs and increase student engagement by designing individual learning paths. NUADU suggests additional exercises for students based on areas of need.

Comprehensive Australian Content Base

Thousands of ready-made exercises are available to save teachers time and train, reinforce and assess students’ skills. Teachers can also upload or create their own.

Easily Provide Feedback

Teachers can comment on students’ work easily within the platform using text, emoji, or voice recording.

Solutions for K12 - Australia

The Five Senses NUADU platform
has primary and secondary content for key learning areas available:

Primary Curriculum

  • Primary English
  • Primary Maths
  • Primary Science
  • Formative Assessments in Maths, Writing, Reading Comprehension and English Skills

Secondary curriculum

  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Maths
  • Secondary Science


NUADU is here to help you reach your goals, providing education tailored to your needs.

We offer effective solution to support learning and knowledge evaluation.

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