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Achieve your goals! Education tailored to your needs. The NUADU platform is an educational app designed to provide each student with an unique learning experience based on their proficiency, which it measures.

Solutions for K13 - Indonesia

National Curriculum Primary

  • Daily drilling practice on thematic content both from local and international publishers
  • Trial exam practice for national examination

National Curriculum Secondary

  • Everyday practice exercises based on secondary national curriculum
  • Trial exam practice for national examination


  • Learning Maths through intensive practice with focus on problem solving
  • Comprehensive content with inquiry approach to build conceptual understanding
  • Age-appropriate and contextual English as a second language practice drill


  • Daily drilling practice based on Cambridge Primary syllabus content
  • Preparing students to sit the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examination

Solutions for Learning Centres

Language School

Intensive grammar drill to improve English proficiency

Training Center

Online assessment platform
Create your own learning content!
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Solutions for Higher Education and Vocational Training


Vocational School

Certification Body


"NUADU attracts a great deal of interest from the teachers and students of our school because it reduces the time that teachers need to prepare and check students’ tests of varying length, as well as their homework assignments, and students are becoming increasingly willing to do their homework. This educational platform is worth recommending to every school."

School Principal, Mariola Czypionka
Mysłowice, Poland

"I have been using the NUADU platform for two years now. Thanks to this solution, eager students can now consolidate and expand their knowledge of the course content. Students are eager to benefit from this form of knowledge acquisition, as it is attractive and gives them the gratification of good grades."

Teacher, Artur Oppman
Primary School, Warsaw, Poland

"The platform is complementary to the learning process during the lesson and, for the pupils, it constitutes an excellent form of consolidating knowledge at home. The platform makes it possible to motivate pupils to study regularly and reduces the time teachers need to give homework assignments."

School Principal, Jędrzej Cierniak
Primary School, Warsaw, Poland

"Our students lacked the motivation to do their homework, but this situation changed when the history teacher decided to use the NUADU platform. Students performed their assignments willingly, and they evaluated their own work. Also, our students are no longer afraid of ridicule from their peers."

School Principal, Joanna Kulmowa
Primary School, Komarów, Poland


NUADU is here to help you reach your goals, providing education tailored to your needs.

We offer effective solution to support learning and knowledge evaluation.

Company profile

NUADU is an education company offering innovative digital assessment solution. The online platform and app identify students' learning gaps, and then provides data, content and tools to bridge these gaps effectively. Currently, NUADU has offices in Australia, Indonesia, Poland, and Singapore.

NUADU Asia Pte. Ltd.

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Australia, 2147

NUADU Asia Pte. Ltd
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Grand Slipi Tower Lantai 9 Unit G
Jl. Jendral S. Parman Kan 22-24
Kel. Palmerah, Kec. Palmerah
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