Our Partners

NUADU offers quick access to content created by leading educational publishers, experienced teachers and evaluated by students and methodic experts from around the world.

NUADU's comprehensive bank of exercises and rich collection of learning resources are mapped to key curriculum requirements provided by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAEI) and Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and include crucial for learners’ development subjects and levels.

The company’s business model is based on close cooperation with its partners. The growing list includes:

Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish (Singapore) is a leading national and regional provider of K–12 educational solutions with over 60 years of expertise in the industry.


Educational Publishing House

Educational Publishing House (Singapore) is the publishing arm of Popular Holdings Ltd., a publisher of quality educational books, assessments, and textbooks.


SAP, Singapore Asia Publishers

 SAP, Singapore Asia Publishers, is a leading publishing group specializing in school curriculum-based educational printed and online resources.


Big Pond Enterprises

Big Pond Enterprises (BPE) is a provider of educational technology solutions and other digital resources for K-12 schools in Philippines.



MACeducation (Bangkok, Thailand) has been producing and distributing state-of-the-art learning media for more than 35 years.



C&E (Philippines) is a provider of innovative and comprehensive educational resources and solutions.


Pelangi Books

Pelangi Books (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) provides educational resources, learning content, and multimedia learning tools. 


Technological Partner


NUADU is distributed as a scalable SaaS service, integrated with Microsoft® Office®365, Power BI, and Classroom. Cloud-based applications are powered by Azure®.

NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.