NUADU Smart Edu solution to benefit from Smart Growth and Regional Development EU funding

Title of the project: “NUADU Smart Edu – a system that improves students’ learning results thanks to personalised learning paths based on scientific research in neurobiology, psychology, education, machine learning, and AI.”

Beneficiary: NUADU Sp. z o. o.

Cost of the project: 3,520,541.72 PLN

EU funding: 2,582,850.72 PLN

Description: As part of the project, NUADU will develop an innovative NUADU Smart Edu solution. The applicant plans to develop a solution that will comprehensively support the learning process. Its most essential functionalities are:

  • an intelligent education planning algorithm that supports the personalisation process;
  • a system that enables pair or group work to help students improve their learning outcomes through collaboration and mutual support;
  • a review and knowledge consolidation system based on the analysis of students’ activity that helps them to permanently memorise what they learn;
  • a system that increases motivation and systematicity, based on gamification and a “bot” coach.

Assigning tasks and content to students in a predefined, manual way is not enough if you want to ensure they have a proper learning environment. That is why we are going to design a unique, innovative solution that helps to improve results and enables a personalised learning environment for every student. For the first time, AI will be used to such an extent to support the improvement of educational outcomes, with technological solutions firmly embedded in human science discoveries.
The market needs such a solution because, among others, it addresses one of the most severe problems today’s education faces – the inability to devote as much time and attention to students as they need.
The target market for the product will be the global educational technology market – particularly in Poland and South-East Asia – that shows an annual growth of several dozen per cent. The main target audiences of the project are governments and local self-governmental units, educational publishers, distributors of teaching aids and integrators of digital solutions for schools, head teachers in schools and tuition centres, and parents. The stakeholders and end users of the solution are teachers and students.

NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.