NUADU is an interactive digital platform designed to provide a personalised learning environment and powerful assessment solution. 

The system helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge these gaps effectively. It is a formative, summative and normative (digital) assessment platform deeply driven by data. 


Automatic Marking & Instant Feedback

Exercises are auto-marked, providing students with instant feedback on their results. Educators receive helpful analytics on learning progress including grade distribution, average mark per question, and individual student responses.


Formative Assessment

Learning progress can be measured daily when students practise on bite-size exercises.


Summative Assessment

Track student progress through tests, quizzes and reviews.


Increase Student Engagement

Informed by data, teachers can respond to student needs and increase student engagement by designing individual learning paths. NUADU also suggests additional exercises for students based on identified areas of need.


Comprehensive Content Base

Thousands of ready-made exercises are available to save teachers time and train,reinforce and assess students' skills. Teachers can also upload or create their own content within the platform.



Benefit from automated adaptive training tailored to the students’ needs, curriculum and cognitive skills gaps. Design individual learning paths and provide formative, personalised feedback to students, thereby increasing their proficiency and engagement.


  • The teacher assigns personalised exercises to each student or group of students. 

  • Students complete their assignments. NUADU uses exercise variants to minimise cheating and ensure students work independently.

  • NUADU’s algorithms assess completed assignments.

  • NUADU provides students with instant feedback on their results.

  • Teachers receive comprehensive data on all work completed by their students. NUADU then automatically suggests adaptive, remedial assignments to address learning gaps.

  • Teachers can comment on their students work using text, emojis and voice recordings, and can award badges to highlight achievement. 


 NUADU supports all forms of assessment in order to minimise the time spent by the teacher on evaluation and marking, allowing teachers to use their valuable time for better lesson planning and supporting their students.
Thanks to NUADU teachers gain up to 7 additional hours per week!

For Teachers

Discover the benefits of data-driven education and help students achieve greatness with our powerful assessment solution. Design personalised learning pathways by compiling a unique set of tasks from our extensive content base, or quickly create your own from scratch. 

Save valuable time on marking and lesson planning 一 teachers using NUADU gain up to 7 additional hours per week!

Knowledge is Power

  •  Spend less time on assessment while receiving profound insights about your students.
  • Make formative, normative and scanning assessment more comprehensive through the analysis of thousands of learning-related facts in the form of statistics, reports, clear graphs and dashboards.
  • Ensure quality by relying on alignment with core standards, as well as content from leading educational publishers.
  • Prepare your students for official exams and monitor their learning goals with skills and knowledge graphs.


Time Is the Most Valuable Resource

  • Simplify personalisation by compiling a unique set of tasks from NUADU’s extensive content base, or create your own exercises from scratch.
  • Decrease the time spent preparing extra work for struggling students, with automatically developed remedial training modules.
  • Make the evaluation process more efficient. Adjust difficulty levels, time limits, and exercise variants according to the needs of individual students in just a few clicks.


Technology is Awesome

  • NUADU provides instant, real-time feedback to students and allows teachers to modify results manually as required.

  • Discover the advantages of AI as a tool to assess open-ended tasks.

  • Minimise cheating with automatically randomised exercise variants.
NUADU supports educators in the design of a process-oriented and personalised learning environment.

72% of educators find that NUADU enhances their everyday work routine.

for Students

Developed with a thorough understanding of the 21st century student in mind, NUADU is an interactive digital platform designed to provide a personalised learning environment and powerful assessment solution. 

Our solution:

  • Accepts all logically correct answers
  • Automates evaluation to provide instant feedback
  • Saves progress reports
  • Offers results and graphs to track your progress
  • Provides mobile and web access
  • Opens up access to online resources from leading educational publishers around the world


Our solution helps students to:

  • Recognise their own abilities
  • Acknowledge educational successes
  • Develop self-evaluation skills
  • Increase motivation
  • Understand evaluation criteria
  • Formulate psychosocial skills
  • Acquire knowledge


NUADU is designed to engage and sustain interest. 62% of students improved their marks while using NUADU.

For Parents

Parents play an important role in the education process. That’s why every student account on the NUADU platform is accompanied by a parent account.

  • Monitor your child’s assignments along with activity status, deadlines, and results.
  • Use filters to quickly find activities by subject, completion status, and type of activity.
  • Preview additional learning materials shared on the platform and discover online resources from leading educational publishers around the world.  

Technical requirements


NUADU is distributed as a scalable SaaS service, integrated with Microsoft® Office®365, Power BI, and Classroom. Cloud-based applications are powered by Azure®. The platform is compatible with:

  • Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS;
  • Any contemporary web browser including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and MS Edge;
  • Mobile devices running on Android OS v 4.0 and up and iOS devices running v. 5.0 or higher.

The platform supports user authentication using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).

NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.