Data-Driven Personalised Learning Environment

NUADU is rooted in a deep understanding of the 21st-century student. Today’s students not only face an increasingly competitive education system but also new and unprecedented levels of distraction. Simply put, keeping students engaged is more important and more difficult than ever before. NUADU responds to today’s unique educational challenges by offering a solution designed to facilitate knowledge consolidation and support every type of evaluation. Simply put, NUADU ensures evaluation is both engaging and effective.

NUADU provides an interactive online Personalized Learning Environment platform with a vast library of K12 assignments integrated with the core educational curriculums of most countries in the world. The system allows teachers to use ready-made, core curriculum-aligned question base or create their own assignments; assign exercise sets, tests, and quizzes to students; gather data about students’ progress, and quickly identify strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps.

NUADU offers educators access to an extensive database of core-curriculum-aligned questions, homework assignments, tests, and quizzes and gives them access to a powerful set of evaluation tools. With NUADU, educators can adjust the difficulty level, length, and type of exercise to match individual learners’ skills. Students are also empowered. With NUADU, they can complete activities using any digital device, get real-time feedback, and easily monitor their progress on the NUADU dashboard.  


A Thoroughly Systematic Approach

How does one encourage students to work more steadily? Statistics show that a high percentage of learners using NUADU consistently manage to complete all their assignments. Schools deploying the platform demonstrate an increase in assessment completion between 20% and 50% in the first three months of use.


A Result-Oriented Concept

Schools that implement NUADU report a 10% to 30% increase in student performance over the first three months using the platform. 


Staying Engaged

NUADU reduces the emotional burden associated with testing by providing students with immediate feedback. Most importantly, with NUADU, students have a chance to improve their results in the comfort of their own homes. The system was developed with the psychology of the individual learner in mind. With NUADU, learners are never forced to compare themselves to other students or compete with each other in a high-stakes classroom setting. They are in control of their own learning process.  


Artificial Intelligence

The NUADU solution leverages engines capable of verifying the logical correctness of any given answer. Using a proprietary algorithm, NUADU facilitates evaluation in accordance with a defined learning taxonomy. The system also uses automated methods to assign personalised exercises to match each learner’s needs. Finally, NUADU has been designed to minimise cheating on exams. 


Powerful Assessment Solution

NUADU supports all essential forms of assessment including:  

  • Summative assessment: Evaluating knowledge through tests, quizzes, and reviews.
  • Formative assessment/learning-oriented assessment: Everyday practice with bite-sized exercises and additional assignments, as well as live responses and critical interventions as required.
  • Normative assessment: Participation in official exams, grading, and certifications.
  • Diagnostic/scanning assessment: Creation of entry tests to identify strengths and gaps in knowledge.
  • Process-based assessment: Continuous monitoring of learners’ progress.
  • Ipsative assessment: Comparison of a learner’s results with their previous performance.
  • Differentiative assessment: Evaluation of statistics for single students or groups of students.


Drills and Practice

NUADU supports systematic repetitions, drills, and review by offering immediate feedback, interactive activities, and a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard. The system visualises learner performance across every assignment.



The system facilitates the design of a process-oriented learning environment. NUADU helps educators monitor learners’ progress and discover gaps in skills and abilities that require increased attention. 


  • The teacher assigns personalised exercises to each student.
  • Students complete their assignments; the tasks are various versions of the same exercise, so everyone works independently.
  • NUADU’s algorithms assess completed assignments.
  • For each learner, NUADU provides a detailed report on the current assignment and overall progress.



Quality Content

 NUADU offers quick access to content created by leading educational publishers and experienced teachers around the world.


Comprehensive bank of exercises

  • Thousands of ready-made exercises to save teachers time and assess, train and reinforce students skills;
  • Three difficulty levels to match an individual’s abilities;
  • Questions variants to achieve the same learning objectives with different assessment tools;
  • 14 types of exercises (e.g., multiple choice, true/false, and matching answers, as well as open questions, chemical formulas, and structure tasks);
  • Interactive games, including puzzles and crosswords designed to consolidate knowledge;
  • Hints and step-by-step solutions to guide students on the right path;
  • Extra content from leading publishers to enrich instruction;
  • Large bank of exercises to respond to every textbook and method of teaching.


Rich collection of learning resources

  • Knowledge bank with various resources from videos and illustrations to texts and photos to support and complement the teaching and learning process;
  • Lesson resources collection to enrich teaching in the classroom, review learning topics before exams, reinforce weaker areas, or fill in learning gaps.


Tools to create and share

  • Generate engaging exercises;
  • Compose lessons (resource collection);
  • Add and share files with students;
  • Rate and easily discover favorite resources.


An Individualised Approach

NUADU helps to bring out the true potential of every learner. Teachers assign tasks tailored to the learners’ skills, taking previous results into account. Teachers can adjust the difficulty, length, and type of exercise to match the skills of individual students, increasing learner satisfaction and motivation.

Students who receive exercises adjusted to their level of knowledge and expertise are more willing to study.

Students who are motivated, acquire knowledge faster and achieve better results.

92 % of NUADU’s user report being happy and engaged. 


Optimization of the Teaching Process

NUADU speeds up assessment, leaving more time for actual teaching. With NUADU, educators are able to measure and compare learners’ progress objectively and with ease.

Thanks to NUADU teachers gain up to 7 additional hours per week!  


Improvement of the Educational System

NUADU supports reliable, objective, and transparent assessment of the knowledge acquired by the learners. As a result, NUADU improves accuracy and brings increased transparency to the education system. 

Assignment completion grows by at least 10% in the first 3 months with NUADU! 

For Teachers
and Educators

Knowledge is Power

  • Help students achieve greatness and spend less time on assessment while receiving profound insights about your students.
  • Make formative, normative and scanning assessment more comprehensive through the analysis of thousands of learning-related facts in the form of statistics, reports, clear graphs and dashboards.
  • Ensure quality by relying on alignment with core standards, as well as content from reliable educational publishers.
  • Prepare your students for official exams and monitor their learning goals with skills and knowledge graphs.


Time Is the Most Important Resource

  • Simplify individualization by compiling a unique set of tasks selected from our extensive content base, or quickly create your exercises from scratch.
  • Decrease the time spent preparing extra help for struggling students with automatically developed personalised training modules.
  • Make the evaluation process more efficient. Adjust difficulty levels, time limits, and exercise variants according to the needs of individual learners in just a few clicks.
  • Support personalization by letting learners drill and practice new skills at their own pace in self-training mode.
  • Even the playing field for students without access to the Internet by printing out exercises and answer keys as needed.
  • Teach and learn. Share learning resources with learners and other educators.


Technology is Awesome

  • Discover a helping hand to provide instant, real-time feedback to all your students and modify results manually as needed.
  • Discover the advantages of AI as a tool to assess open-ended tasks.
  • Minimise the chances of students cheating during an exam with automatically randomised exercise variants.
  • Keep your learners motivated by empowering them to decide which learning tool is best for them.

Make the most of the system immediately with NUADU’s interactive guides, user-friendly interface, and a logically ordered content structure. 


  • Assign individualised activities for practice and knowledge and skill evaluation.
  • Analyze and track progress to discover gaps in skills and abilities; view activity results and all attempts to perform.
  • Create advancement groups to adjust difficulty levels and the expected time needed to complete assignments.
  • Create, use and share exercises with the NUADU Exercise Creator.
  • Share files, links, and notes in NUADU’s shared space.
  • Print exercises or sets of activities, including solutions and possible answer keys for students, without Internet access.
  • Access online resources from educational publishers around the world.

NUADU supports educators in the design of a process-oriented and personalised learning environment.
72% of educators find NUADU enhances their everyday work routine.

for Students

Our solution:

  • Accepts all logically correct answers
  • Automates evaluation to provide instant feedback
  • Saves progress reports
  • Offers results and graphs to track your progress
  • Provides mobile and web access
  • Opens up access to online resources from leading educational publishers around the world


Our solution helps students to:

  • Recognise their own abilities
  • Acknowledge educational successes
  • Develop self-evaluation skills
  • Increase motivation
  • Understand evaluation criteria
  • Formulate psychosocial skills
  • Acquire knowledge


NUADU accelerates the evolution of knowledge, and is designed to engage and sustain interest. 62% of students improved their marks while using NUADU.

For Parents

  • Assignments: Monitor your child’s assignments along with activity status, deadlines, and scores.
  • Filters: Use filters to quickly find activities by subject, completion status, and type of activity.
  • Learning materials: Preview additional materials shared on NUADU by educators.
  • Access: Discover online resources by educational publishers around the world.

Parents expect their children to succeed. That’s why each student account on the NUADU Assessment Platform is accompanied by a parent account.

Technical requirements


NUADU is distributed as a scalable SaaS service, integrated with Microsoft® Office®365, Power BI, and Classroom. Cloud-based applications are powered by Azure®. The platform is compatible with:

  • Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS;
  • Any contemporary web browser including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and MS Edge;
  • Mobile devices running on Android OS v 4.0 and up and iOS devices running v. 5.0 or higher.

The platform supports user authentication using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).

NUADU provides an interactive and data-driven personalised learning environment integrated with the core educational curriculum.