NUADU e-Assesment Platform

NUADU is excited to introduce a new digital platform for personalised learning and assessment to schools and learning centers.

The NUADU platform is an educational tool designed to provide each student with a unique learning experience based on their proficiency, which it measures. It has a question bank which contains thousands of contents aligned with the national curriculum.

The Idea


NUADU system helps to identify students’ learning gaps and then provides content and tools to bridge those gaps effectively. It is a formative, summative and normative (digital) assessment platform deeply driven by data.





Benefit from automated adaptive training tailored to the learners’ needs, curriculum and cognitive skills gaps. Design individual learning paths and provide formative, personalised feedback to learners, thereby increasing their profiency and engagement.

Formative assessment

Practise everyday on bite-size exercises and receive instant feedback.

Summative assessment

Track progress to discover any skill gaps and assign additional exercises to address them.

Respond to student needs by personalising content

Informed by the data, teachers can respond to student needs and increase student engagement by designing individual learning paths. NUADU suggests additional exercises for students based on areas of need.

K–12 content

Content packages consistent with national curriculum.

How does NUADU work?

how it works

NUADU Platform Highlights

Make personalised learning a reality

Save teachers’ time with a powerful assessment solution

Benefits of data-driven education


Planning teaching strategies for students that come from a variety of different cultural and family backgrounds, all of whom have unique learning abilities, styles and needs is an extremely time-consuming task.

Not to mention the additional time spent on marking assessments, checking homework and developing lesson plans.

We understand that time is the most valuable resource for teachers and their students, that’s why NUADU saves teachers up to 7 hours per week through objective assessment, data-driven analysis, personalisation and content aligned with your curriculum.


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