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Empowering Students and Teachers with Data-Driven Assessment and Learning Solutions

NUADU is a comprehensive assessment-focused platform used by 4 million users in 20 countries, with 
2 million tests deployed. We offer personalized and effective learning experiences for students of all ages, and are proud to partner with over 1000 organizations. We're committed to continually improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our global community.

Our Customers


Our assessment-focused learning system is used by thousands of classrooms, giving insightful data-driven feedback to teachers to improve learning outcome


Our online English test solution have been helping hundreds of universities to save cost and administrative time in deploying their testing needs


Our assessment features are appreciated by corporations around the world for recruitment and mapping purposes


NUADU has implementation in government ministries in many countries to deliver learning and assessment system

Company Mission Statement

NUADU strives to
enhance the way students learn and teachers teach by offering a comprehensive assessment-focused learning platform that provides personalized and effective learning experiences.

Company values


At NUADU, we are dedicated to driving meaningful change in education using technology. We understand that deploying new solutions is not just a matter of technical implementation, but also requires a deep understanding of the everyday habits and learning needs of students and educators. Our commitment to innovation is matched by a focus on practicality and usability, ensuring that our solutions deliver real value and impact to the communities we serve.


NUADU places its customers’ needs at the forefront of its operations to improve its products and services to meet their evolving requirements.


NUADU values teamwork and encourages collaboration among its employees, customers, and partners to create better learning outcomes.


We value transparency and accountability in all our dealings. Our actions are guided by our values and principles, and we welcome feedback as opportunities for growth.

The Leadership

Andry Halim

Chief Executive Officer

Marcin Krasowski

Chief Operating Officer

Michał Korpys

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Marcin Wojnowski

Chairman, Founder

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