An online English language test that accurately measures the proficiency level of English language learners.


Why Choose ALIGN®?

Tailored with tasks centered on a specific theme, our test encourages students to focus on understanding the language rather than struggling with unfamiliar concepts, creating a stress-free testing environment. Progressing from A1 to C1 levels, our tasks ensure that students can navigate the learning journey without feeling overwhelmed. Language proficiency is assessed through multiple-choice questions, eliminating the need for students to be familiar with test-taking strategies.
The procedure of administering the test is designed to be convenient, fast, and safe, requiring no proctors or raters, and offering immediate results and certificates, facilitating a smooth operational process for institutions.
CEFR Compliant
The results align with the globally recognized CEFR standards, providing a reliable measure of the English language proficiency.
Reliable and Valid
The task items were created drawing upon multiple, reliable pedagogical resources. The test was piloted in diverse settings, including high schools, universities, and language programs. The results were then compared with standardized placement tests those institutions used confirming our hypothesis that ALIGN® accurately measures test takers’ level of English language competence.
Secure and Friendly
Leveraging the NUADU e-assessment platform, ALIGN® promises a secure, user-friendly, and adaptive system, ensuring the integrity and reliability of every test conducted.
Detailed Reporting
Each test concludes with a comprehensive report that not only states the proficiency level but also offers insights into the areas of strength and the aspects that require further attention, guiding students on their future learning path.

Who is it for?

High Schoolers and 
The test is tailored for high school and undergraduate students, providing a reliable measure of their English proficiency to aid in placements  or professional pursuits. 
Educational Institutions
Schools, universities, and language centers can utilize ALIGN® to streamline their English language assessment processes, offering a reliable and efficient solution to gauge the proficiency levels of their students. 
Corporate Sector
HR departments in corporations can use ALIGN® to measure the English proficiency levels of potential hires and existing employees, aiding in informed decision-making during recruitments and internal training programs. 
Transform your English language assessment process with ALIGN®
Looking to enhance your organization's English language assessment process? ALIGN® is here to help. Reach out to learn more and explore how ALIGN® can benefit you.

Test Features

Reading (5 parts, 20 items), Use of English (5 parts, 25 items), Listening (4 parts, 20 items), Duration (80 minutes).
American English
Flexible test date, hide or reveal results, one browser lock, student-friendly interface.
100% secure, user-friendly, and clever, adaptive system.
Instant, detailed, CEFR Compliant
Certificate of completion with authenticity code.
CEFR Levels
A1 - C1

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Frequently asked questions

The ALIGN® test is designed to efficiently assess the core English language skills of reading, listening, and use of English. While writing is an important skill, we have found that our current format allows for a comprehensive assessment of a learner’s proficiency while also keeping the test duration reasonable. Moreover, it avoids the necessity for raters, thereby providing immediate results.
Comparing ALIGN® with well-established tests like IELTS helps in illustrating the benchmark of the quality and reliability that ALIGN® offers. It aids potential users in understanding the standard of proficiency measurement they can expect from our test, leveraging the familiarity and trust that educational institutions have in existing tests like IELTS.
Aligning with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) ensures that the ALIGN® test adheres to international standards, facilitating a clear and comparable understanding of the proficiency levels across different institutions globally. It aids in maintaining a consistent standard in language proficiency, which is recognized and accepted worldwide.
The ALIGN® test is primarily targeted towards high schoolers and undergraduates, focusing on levels from A1 to C1, which covers the range of proficiency levels most commonly encountered in this demographic. Including C2 level, which represents a mastery of the language comparable to a highly educated native speaker, is beyond the scope necessary for most educational and professional settings that the test is designed for.
Absolutely. We provide an AI-powered online proctoring service as an optional add-on. This advanced system monitors the exam environment to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity, giving you peace of mind that the test results are trustworthy.
Each of our certificates comes with the option to include a unique QR code, which can be scanned to validate the certificate’s authenticity. This service is available as an add-on and ensures that the credentials of the certificate holder can be easily and reliably confirmed.

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